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The Futureheads are doing a few tribute tours, to coincide with their upcoming album, News and Tributes! They'll be picking an artists for theme for each night; play their songs and hand out flyers on why they're giving them a tribute.

Remaining dates:

Northampton Soundhaus - March 7
Nottingham Rescue Rooms - March 8
Colchester Arts Centre - March 9
Stoke Sugarmill - March 10

Ross has written on the official forum:
Afternoon everybody,
It's Ross. I know it's been a while, and for that, I apologise. Big time. None of us are really that hot on the old computer, but that's no excuse, and something we'll be doing everything to get on top of upon release of the new record/website/tour stuff etc.
Anyway - I see the tour details have been released. This 'secret' tour is something we're really excited about doing, and getting back to some of the smaller places to play the new songs for the first time will hopefully be a bit of an 'emotional rollercoaster' (to coin Cheryl Tweedy's phrase) for all concerned. Please don't be bummed out if we aren't playing locally to you - it's been difficult to choose where to play, and the dates we are doing are generally in places we've played only once or twice before.
Obviously, upon release of the record in late May, there will be a decently-sized tour to accompany it, taking in a lot of the UK and Ireland. This small tour is mainly for us to air the new material to British fans for the first time, and make it a memorable experience in the process. Our good friends from the North, Kubichek! will be the support for the tour. Good luck to all of those who are heading out tomorrow for tickets, and believe me, if there was anything I could do to stop touts, then I'd do it - but I really don't believe they'll be playing too much of a part in this tour, given its size.
And the album will be called 'News And Tributes'. Please, this is not up for discussion. It's fair that some people may not think the name to be very good, but until anyone can listen to the record in context and see how the name fits, I don't think much criticism is justified. We write the songs, and therefore we're free to label them as we see fit. I hope you like them, because we think it's a million times better than the first record, though quite far from it in terms of how it sounds. In a live capacity, the support of the fans will be of paramount importance in generating the same euphoric feelings we experienced in touring the first record, and we're looking forward to playing these new songs to the crowd who care so much about hearing the new material. Thanks again for caring about the music and the band enough to keep regularly posting on the forum, and apologies for the lack of updates - which will hopefully be rectified very soon (we're still in the process of getting the new artwork together). After all, the only reason any band is able to make music their living is because of fans like you remaining loyal and keeping interested through periods of inactivity - so never assume your voice doesn't make a difference to the band or individuals you're trying to reach.
Thanks a lot for now - Again, good luck in getting those tickets, and we'll hopefully be seeing each other very soon, eh?

Ross XXX

Some mod news: New layout coming very soon! Huzzah!
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