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Welcome to park_inn! Because of the lack of updated Futureheads communities here, I decided to make my own. For those who don't know the Sunderland four-piece, then shame on you!
You should go to your closest Internet browser and do some overdue homework!
As I can't really be bothered typing a whole introduction on the Futureheads, head over to www.thefutureheads.co.uk

Write anything Futureheads here.
Photos, gig reviews, news, anything! Just:
1. Please restrain from posting songs from the album. Go buy it instead. However, non-album songs (b-sides, rare tracks, live tracks) are allowed.
2. And don't slag anyone off or personally attack them. Act in a courteous manner, be polite. (Please and Thank you is a good place to start) and things of such.
3. No rating communities though advertising another Futureheads or music related community is welcome.

Want to be an affiliate?
Then just comment on the community!

Disclaimer (my favourite part): No, I don't know the Futureheads personally.
I don't have anything to do with their label etc.
I'm not liable for anything sent on YouSendIt, RapidShare or MegaUpload or the content of things that are posted.

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